Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Call me old-fashioned with a modern twist

My initial sewing skills were gained by observing my mother, grandmothers and step-mother. Vivid memories include cute little corduroy ensembles sewn for me by my grandmother, sweet doll clothes created together with my mother and beautiful bridesmaid dresses created by my mother and step-mother for my wedding.

Those skills (and my sewing machine) were gaining dust until recently when I discovered the world of modern craftiness. Inspired by other family members of my generation getting bit by the creativity bug, I started poking around on the web and was amazed by the number of women eager to share their beautiful creations and tutorials. I also found inspiration from Amy Karol's Bend the Rules Sewing book which inspired me to think outside conventional patterns and traditional fabrics.

I never considered myself crafty, but always felt the urge to be creative. Now suddenly I feel like I pulled out the stopper and the ideas are flooding my mind.

Creating things in the spirit of the women in my family is a time-honored tradition that I want to continue and allow my daughter to observe (and absorb). In our current world of materialism and consumption, where we feel like we are working just to make it to each weekend, it is comforting to slow-down and create beautiful things to share with others.