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I'm an Ohio-based maker who loves color and pattern. My two girls and husband light my world (and keep me plenty busy). I work an 8-5 in Human Resources and try to sneak in little snippets of sewing after work and on the weekends to feed my creative soul. 

After learning to sew early on from watching my mom and grandma (and in junior high home-ec class!), I picked up sewing again around 2008-2009 when my cousin inspired me with the amazing things she was making with modern patterns and fabrics that I didn't know existed.  She recommended the book Bend the Rules Sewing by Amy Karol. That book, and the early sewing blogs of the time, served as my gateway back to sewing and came at a time when I was craving a creative outlet and hobby. 

Since then, my sewing has gone through waves, with my "sewjo" dwindling at times as life picked up and become busier.  I'm sewing regularly now, at least a few times a week, even if just for 10-15 minutes an evening and I'm so happy for that time. In late 2014, I tried quilting after initially being intimidated (...was I doing it right, I'll never be precise enough, someone will notice I don't know what I'm doing...). Thankfully, I've gotten over those fears. 

In 2016, I dusted off this blog and have loved the process of writing and sharing again.  

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