Friday, June 12, 2009

Baby has a new pair of shoes...and bibs

Until recently in my family, all of the babies born to my generation had been girls. Fortunately, a little boy is on his way to my sister and her husband in a couple of months. And my cousin just had a sweet little boy. I made some fun gifts and broke away from all the girly prints.
How cute is the little tie bib? I saw the tutorial on blueprints (formerly known as Just Tutes) and had to try! This was my first applique and it was a breeze! I used Wonder Under to apply the applique and finished with a zig-zag stitch. The soft baby shoes are from the Stardust Shoes pattern. I highly recommend both sites which are full of great tutorials and ideas in addition to the projects I show. For both tutorials I followed the directions without any adjustments, maybe a first for me!
I'm still fighting with sewing machines. Mom's Singer and I were getting along great until the very end of the second bib. I was topstitching and the bobbin thread got all crazy on me. Is this user error or just a Singer quirk?? Hopefully my sister won't mind a little wonky stitching ;)

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Technical difficulties...and a thank you!

I have lots of works in progress and many ideas in my head.....and a sewing machine that no longer functions! Last week, I was on a roll, nearly finished with a top and the bobbin jammed. This happens often on my machine, usually at the worst times. I cleared the jam as usual, but something else is wrong. Something is wrong with the bobbin shuttle...

Fortunately, after hearing my tale, my mom saved the day and brought me her sewing machine to borrow....without me even asking. How awesome is that? Thanks, Mom.

Off to finish some projects.....