Thursday, June 16, 2016

New Sampler Pages

I added some pages that can be accessed in my header, to post progress on ongoing projects like sampler quilts. Currently, I am working on two samplers:  Modern HST Sampler and Summer Sampler 2016.  I link to both on their respective pages and show some progress pictures.  As a new(ish) quilter, participating in both samplers is helping expand my skills.

Summer Sampler 2016

Alyce's (from Blossom Heart Quilts) Modern HST Sampler, as the name implies, has introduced me to many different methods of making and arranging half-square triangles, such a staple for block building.  Also, working with a wide group of fabrics has challenged me on fabric selection for each block. My fabric pull includes over 10 designers, prints and solids, florals and geometric prints, and at least four different color families. It's been a great stretch for me to choose fabrics carefully for each block and maintain cohesion.

Modern HST Sampler

The Summer Sampler 2016 has allowed me to practice some additional techniques like curves and paper piecing.  For this sampler, I chose a very different set of fabrics - just 6 fabrics, mostly solids, in a limited and subtle color pallette.  This fabric pull is challenging me, too, in different ways. I'm loving the cool, calm vibe these fabrics are creating, still with a punch of color that I can't resist.

Summer Sampler 2016

Two samplers, along with my attendance at Glamp Stitchalot (post coming soon), are combining to make 2016 a year of skill building at just the right pace.  I'm loving it!

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